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Pilgrim stories

Because of its versatility, Pilgrim is used in contexts that appeal to non-Christians and where they feel comfortable and relaxed. Some churches have been kind enough to share their stories with us. Here you can read about the experiences of using Pilgrim overseas, in Australia and Denmark, in homes and churches in the UK, and how it engages enquirers on the fringes of church, and encourages them to take further steps on their discipleship journey.

Pilgrim - Three years on!

Pilgrim sold 100,000 copies in the first two years since publication, and this year has seen almost 30,000 additional sales. This makes Pilgrim the most significant series for Church House Publishing since Common Worship.

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“Concise and clear orthodox teaching from senior well-respected churchmen and churchwomen that does not lean to one tradition or another, make this the ideal resource for a parish church.”
Revd Richard Williams, Vicar of St Dunstan's, Cranbrook