The Creeds (Book 5)

This first book in the Grow Stage explores the core of Christian belief in greater depth through the Nicene and Apostles's Creeds. Its six sessions aim to equip participants with an understanding of these priceless resources for living the Christian life and for knowing God better.

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The Sessions

Session One: What are the Creeds?

With a Reflection by Steven Croft

Examines the reasons the Creeds were developed and the role they play in Christian life and faith.

Session Two: God as Trinity - Father, Son and Holy Spirit

With a Reflection by Jane Williams

Considers the profound and wonderful truth that God is Trinity: three persons in relationship, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Session Three: Fully God and fully human

With a Reflection by Stephen Cottrell

Looks at the unique nature of Jesus Christ, fully God and fully human, and what this teaches us about God and being human.

Session Four: Crucified, risen and ascended

With a Reflection by Graham Tomlin

Explores the great shadows in our lives - sin, death and hell - and the way Jesus overcomes these through his death and resurrection.

Session Five: I believe in the Holy Spirit

With a Reflection by Martyn Snow

What does it mean to receive the Holy Spirit? This session looks at the Holy Spirit's role in the life of the Church.

Session Six: One, holy, catholic and apostolic church

With a Reflection by Mary Gregory

Explores what it means to belong to the people of God and to declare that the Church is one, holy, catholic and apostolic.


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