Turning to Christ (Book 1)

What do Christians believe? This first book in the Follow Stage, Turning to Christ, explores the heart of Christian belief through the six questions candidates are asked at baptism.

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The Sessions

Session One: Do you turn to Christ?

With a Reflection by Stephen Cottrell

Explores the attraction of Jesus Christ. What happened when people met him? What would happen if you did?

Session Two: Do you believe and trust in God the Father?

With a Reflection by Paula Gooder

What do Christians believe about God? This session uses the Old Testament to look at how God is like a Father.

Session Three: Do you believe in his Son Jesus Christ?

With a Reflection by Stephen Conway

Looking in more detail at who Christians believe Jesus is, this session looks at what Jesus' baptism reveals about his identity.

Session Four: Do you believe in the Holy Spirit?

With a Reflection by Stephen Cottrell

Uses the story of Pentecost to show how Christians believe the Holy Spirit makes Jesus present today.

Session Five: Do you repent of your sins?

With a Reflection by Stephen Cottrell

Looks at what Christians call sin: that inbuilt tendency to get things wrong and God’s great desire to put things right.

Session Six: Do you renounce evil?

With a Reflection by Nick Baines

Explores the reality of evil, and how the Christian faith invites us  to set the moral compass of our lives.


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