#MyPilgrim - a journey together in faith

Friday, September 25, 2015

At All Saints we were looking for a course that enables us to journey together in faith, to pray together, read scripture together but be open to God meeting each of us where we were on our journey. 

For those of us facilitating our journey we were keen that the course was repeatable and could be lead by laity. We liked the style of the booklets , easy to follow, enough information and adaptable. People told us they liked to go home and re-read the material and ponder the questions again. Someone told me it had anchorage them to read the bible differently, waiting on God to speak through the Word.

We have now completed four of the first pilgrim courses and two others led by laity. Our pattern is to complete an initial course leading to confirmation and then follow up with a second course inviting other church members to join us. The course has been used with people of faith, little or no faith, with eleven year olds and eighty year olds.

Feedback has been wholly is positive without exception. We start the course here by giving everyone a shell and explain we are pilgrims on a six week journey together, we encourage people to pray for one another. We've not used the online material or video clips in our setting as those here are comfortable with the booklets. The only addition we have made is to encourage the confirmation group to read Mark's gospel, four or so chapters a week ahead of meeting - we then have a few minutess after opening prayers discussing our reading.

Thank you for bringing us this course, for us here it has been a wonderful blessing and we loom forward to journeying together in the months ahead.


Revd Mandy Walker

All Saints Church, Streetly