#MyPilgrim - participation, not persuasion

Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Pilgrim Course, published by the Church of England, offers an approach of “participation, not persuasion” and is written to help people explore what it means to be a Christian.

The Bishop of Exeter Robert Atwell, one of the authors of the course, said: "This course offers us a unique opportunity to explore how Christians encounter God in worship and above all in Holy Communion.”


Pilgrim is made up of two parts:

Follow introduces the Christian faith for newcomers or those exploring confirmation or affirming their faith. The full set of material for this course is now available.


Grow is designed for those who want to go further and learn more in discipleship. The Grow stage was launched in autumn 2014 with The Eucharist and The Creeds and will be completed with the publication of The Bible and Church & Kingdom on 31 January.


Each stage features four six-session books accompanied by a leader's guide, with extensive, free video and audio resources to support every session online at www.pilgrimcourse.org

Lynne Fox from Bewdley helped run the Pilgrim Course in her parish. Her group followed Book 1: Turning to Christ. Lynne said:

"This course uses the six questions asked at Baptism to explore what Christian’s believe. Ideally it is undertaken over six weeks, led by an ordained or lay minister. The format is the same for each week: prayer, Bible reading, questions, reflection by a well-known theologian, further questions, prayer, further reading if desired. Those new to Christianity found the course challenged them to think and enabled them to ask questions. It encouraged openness and sharing within the group. It was a very useful tool as preparation for Confirmation."