Celebrating the third anniversary of Pilgrim

Friday, October 07, 2016

Because of its versatility, Pilgrim is used in contexts that appeal to non-Christians and where they feel comfortable and relaxed. As well as homes and churches, Pilgrim groups are happening in prisons, pubs and with genuine Christian seekers. Pilgrim is an effective tool for mission, engages people on the fringes of church, and encourages them to take further steps on their discipleship journey. Immigrants and asylum seekers, Farsi speakers, as well as regular churchgoers, and new Christians, are using Pilgrim

In our first major survey, 95% of users said they would run another Pilgrim Course and the same proportion would recommend it to another church: 87% of those surveyed said that Pilgrim had helped to deepen faith and discipleship.

To celebrate our third anniversary we’re carrying out a further survey, to help us build up a more comprehensive picture of how Pilgrim is being used, and to develop further resources to meet the discipleship needs of the Church.

Looking forward! 

A Pilgrim ‘Catechism’   We’re aiming to produce this in digital and print form by Easter 2017, with all-new interactive and video elements available free online and in app form.

Youth Pilgrim   A new resource aimed at the 14–19 age range, authored by Paula Gooder, Martyn Snow and Alice Smith is in development and will be piloted in early 2017, with publication due in 2018.